Sandra Hormozi General Manager
Encompass Arts

Sandra Hormozi comes to Encompass Artists with knowledge of music, business and philanthropic industries from the inside-out. Known for many years for her singing, Sandra has gone on to become an international figure in working with artists and throughout the operatic, concert and recording venues. Sandra is fluent in Italian and has a command of three others. She has extensive experience with the music industry and business world at-large in North America, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Slovakia and the Middle East.

Ms. Hormozi’s background has given her fine-tuned appreciation for artistic excellence and the realities and practicalities of the current state of the industry. Her work with legendary operatic artists have set the bar high for artistic standards tempered with a down-to-earth work ethic.

Her education was at Manhattan School of Music where she performed major rolls with the John Brownlee Opera Program at MSM, Pittsburgh Opera, Tulsa Opera, Shreveport Opera and concerts at Lincoln Center, Palazzo Pisani-Moretta in Venice and the Middle East. She was chosen for young artist programs with Santa Fe Opera, Central City Opera, Sarasota Opera and spent two years in the Pittsburgh Opera Studio with Tito Capobianco. She was a winner of the Opera Index Competition, and has received numerous other awards.