The competition

OperaLive is proud to introduce the 1st edition of the OperaLive Singing Competition for Opera Singers. This project seeks to provide young opera singers from all over the world access to musical activities that will benefit them and contribute to their career. Considering that music goes well beyond simple entertainment, we believe that the adult lives of our youthful participants will be enriched by the skills, knowledge, and habits acquired in this exciting and fulfilling endeavour.

Furthermore, we envision this project as an encouraging showcase for their natural talents and an appropriate opportunity for public recognition and appreciation. With the patronage of the Ministry for Culture and Tourism and the Region Basilicata, the support and sponsorship of various Lucan public and private agencies, the Lucan Symphonic Orchestra and the lyrical enterprise C.I.A.L.M. – The Italian Opera Company, we have created this new cultural initiative, which, we are convinced, will greatly contribute to the arts and cultural exchange.

Our aim is to contribute to the conservation of a unique cultural heritage, handing it down to the young and future generations and, at the same time enriching it with new expressive languages and modern technologies, so that it may continue accomplishing its role as an artistic and cultural means of stimulation and transmission of emotions and dreams to a society in constant metamorphosis.

The OperaLive project, of which the competition is an integral part, expresses itself through three distinct but interrelated activities, with the object of initiating, representing and promoting Melodrama in all its aspects and involving a great number of professionals from the world of opera. Singers, light designers, conductors, directors, stage managers, orchestras, chorus singers, make-up artists, set designers, organizers, producers, administrative staff, etc., all contributing to the expression and preservation to a heritage that belongs to all of humanity.